Through our global human-source network, we obtain commercially valuable insights that complement our clients’ due diligence or allow them to be better informed to move into new markets and sectors. Our insights unlock value, enable our clients to better quantify opportunities, and provide an edge in negotiations.


Our reputational intelligence work focuses on identifying key risks and potential compliance red flags. Our product is deeply sourced, fully corroborated and provides contextualised, evidence-based insights to enable better decision-making. We seek to enable decisions with the greatest information suite available.

Our Clients

  • M&A Teams
  • Private Equity Deal Teams
  • Investment Committees
  • Government Relations Teams
  • Asset Managers
  • Heads of Portfolio Operations
  • In-house Counsel
  • In-house Compliance
  • External Deal Counsel



  • Commercial capabilities of management teams
  • Integrity of relationships with key customers
  • Viability of target’s growth plan
  • Competitive positioning
  • Regulatory outlook
  • New market entry risks and opportunities
  • Pre-hire screening


  • Reputation of target company
  • Reputation of management team
  • ABC, AML, sanctions/UBO risks
  • Integrity of supply chain
  • Human rights violations
  • PEP exposure
  • Source of wealth investigations

Global Platform

Recent Strategic Intelligence case studies:

North America

  • Management due diligence on a logistics asset for the infrastructure arm of a sovereign wealth fund
  • Commercial due diligence, including competitor mapping, for a major PE fund making a first investment in the FinTech sector
  • Competitor and market share analysis for transportation company planning expansion from Canada into USA

Latin America

  • Enhanced due diligence on three Chilean energy companies and their shareholders, for a US investment firm
  • Investigation into two Brazilian infrastructure professionals, focusing on personal and professional links to government officials, for a global infrastructure fund


  • Enhanced due diligence on the culture of a tech start-up for an Asian private equity fund
  • Strategic intelligence on a family-owned manufacturing company for a sovereign wealth fund
  • Strategic intelligence into possible changes to the tax and regulatory regime relevant to an EU telecoms company
  • Stakeholder mapping of media, interest groups and political parties to determine likely reception of a real estate fund’s entry into new markets
  • Multiple assessments of sanctions risks potentially arising from commercial involvement of Russian entities in a European Agri business


  • Strategic intelligence retainer to deepen client’s understanding of local political dynamics
  • Pre-deal intelligence on consumer goods company for private equity fund
  • Political risk assessment for the private equity owners of a logistics business seeking to exit its African markets


  • Strategic intelligence into suspected illicit technology transfer between a European automotive company and its Gulf-based advisors, for an automotive company
  • Reputation and source of wealth due diligence on eight subjects in advance of accepting investment, on behalf of a US private equity firm
  • Pan-Gulf market entry for HealthTech company seeking first-time expansion into MENA markets


  • Market entry study in the beverage sector for a private equity fund
  • Stakeholder mapping of key decision-makers involved in a partnership between a state-owned firm and a multi-national company
  • Intelligence-led pre-hire screening of two proposed c-suite appointments into a fast-growing HealthTech company
  • Integrity of supply chain analysis for US manufacturing company with multiple supply lines originating in China