Pre-Deal Cyber
Due Diligence

We provide pre-deal assessments of the cyber risk exposure of target companies working both outside-in and with access to management information systems.

Cyber Maturity
Assessment & Strategy

We conduct tailored cyber maturity assessments and strategy development for our clients, providing unconflicted advice and offering remediation solutions.

Cyber Incident
Readiness Review

We help our clients ensure they are well equipped to deal with operational and technical responses to a cyber incident and can work on standby to provide rapid support in the event of an incident.

Our Clients

  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Chief Security Officers
  • M&A Teams
  • Private Equity Deal Teams
  • Asset Managers
  • Law Firms
  • Corporates


Due Diligence

  • Critical systems risk analysis
  • Critical data risk analysis
  • Vulnerability testing
  • Cyber maturity assessment
  • Cyber remediation advice
  • Remediation cost analysis

Cyber Maturity
Assessment & Strategy

  • Tailored framework
  • Board-level engagement
  • Risk tolerance assessment
  • Target maturity levels
  • Costed delivery plan
  • Internal policy drafting

Cyber Incident
Readiness Review

  • Cyber incident management
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Senior leaders training
  • Communications planning
  • Cyber incident exercising

Global Platform

Recent Cyber Advisory case studies:

North America

  • IP protection strategy for a North American pharmaceutical business
  • Cyber due diligence on a major US data centre and fibre network operator
  • Cyber risk review for a leading US-headquartered law firm


  • Rapid cyber incident response and analysis for a leading European liquid storage provider
  • Supplier security risk assessment and cyber policy development for a leading European port operator
  • Strategic cyber security advice to a major European bank
  • Cyber due-diligence reviews of key suppliers for a major UK critical national infrastructure programme
  • Site cyber security assessment for a leading UK waste-to-energy provider
  • Operational technology review for a renewable energy provider in Eastern Europe
  • Cyber maturity assessment of a leading French heating and renewable energy provider
  • End-to-end cyber review for an Italian critical national infrastructure provider
  • Cyber due diligence on a major Scandinavian gas and electricity distribution operator
  • Cyber security review of seafaring vessels for two major Scandinavian ferry operators


  • Operational technology security review of a Middle Eastern gas pipeline
  • Cyber maturity review of a Middle Eastern Stock Exchange
  • Cyber security review of a leading North African wind farm and solar plant operator


  • Cyber risk review of a group of portfolio companies for an Australian-headquartered investment fund
  • Insider risk advice and strategy development for a Japan-based law firm
  • Security review and policy development for an international bank with significant presence in China
  • Ransomware incident exercise for a VC-backed AI technology company