Investigations and Disputes


We have deep expertise in investigating the full range of workplace misconduct issues including fraud, corruption and IP theft. We support our clients in reaching fair and evidence-based outcomes.


We assist our clients and their counsel in formulating a legal strategy, obtaining documentary evidence and filling hard-to-access information gaps that are critical to commercial disputes.


We leverage our global intelligence and investigative tools to solve complex cross-border asset traces, establishing asset positions of parties in disputes and providing recoverability assessments.


  • Whistleblowing allegations
  • Internal fraud
  • Corruption
  • IP theft
  • Supply chain investigations
  • Workplace misconduct
  • Money laundering
  • Dispute intelligence
  • Intelligence on counterparties
  • Evidence gathering
  • Witness identification
  • Surveillance and site visits
  • Mapping ownership structures
  • Forensic reviews
  • Digital forensics
  • Expert identification
  • Sovereign asset search
  • Offshore ownership identification
  • UBO identification
  • Undeclared corporate structures
  • Proxy ownership
  • Asset profiling
  • Crypto asset tracing
  • Recoverability assessment

Investigations and Disputes – Case Studies


North America

US: IT. Investigation into allegations of IP theft by a US-based Chinese employee of a US multi-national company.

US and Caribbean: Financial services. Global asset trace investigation on behalf of a US law firm, targeting the offshore assets of the JV partner of the ultimate client.

Canada: Financial services. Investigation into the asset position of an industrial family - a bad debtor of the client.

Latin America

Panama: Telecoms. Investigation into the events leading up to the dismissal of a senior executive from the company.

Venezuela: Oil & Gas. Investigation for a private bank into whether a Venezuelan oil company was in breach of US sanctions.

Paraguay: Shipping. Investigation into the shipping of soybeans in Paraguay following claims of cargo shortages.


Switzerland: Professional services. Investigation into activities of a fiduciary agent representing defendant in a misconduct claim.

Ireland: Aviation. Asset search for overseas assets of a debtor in breach of loan obligations.

UK: Manufacturing. Investigation to identify unencumbered assets and evidence of wrong-doing by a multi-national conglomerate which had defaulted on its debts.


Africa: Mining. Investigation into supply chain integrity for a Canadian corporate.

Africa: Oil & Gas. Litigation support related to potential corruption allegations for a Fortune500 corporate.

Africa: Multiple industries. Digital forensic review to determine when and how employee fraud had occurred.


APAC: Construction. Internal investigation into allegations of fraud by a contractor.

APAC: Financial services. Investigation into corruption allegations involving a listed industrial company.

China: Manufacturing. IP theft investigation for an international conglomerate that suspected former employees in its China factory.


Syria and UAE: Telecoms. Ultimate beneficial ownership investigation into the shareholder of a telecommunications company.

Egypt: Shipping. Strategic guidance on the negotiations to free a ship that was lodged in the Suez Canal, on behalf of a global law firm.

UAE: Professional services. Investigation into activities of a fiduciary agent.


CIS: Financial services. Global asset trace against the chairman of a national bank alleged to have siphoned off nearly $3.5 billion.

Romania: Metals. Forensic investigation into suspected fraud at the local JV partner of a metals refining company.

Russia: Entertainment. Investigation to determine whether a sanctioned Russian businessman was in fact the ultimate beneficial owner of a sports and media group.

Investigations and Disputes – Case Studies

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